Healthy Living: About Janette

Janette Vooren

I am of Irish origin, living in the Netherlands since 1992 and I am naturalized as a "Nederlander'; married to a Dutch man with twins in their puberty. My first steps in the field of nutrition began after getting  a Bachelor's Degree in Food Technology at the Dublin Institite for Technology. Then I was employed as a Laboratory Technician in the laboratories of Diageo, a multinational company that produces alcoholic brands such as Johnny Walker, Gilbeys Gin and Bailey's Irish cream. During my world travels for several years in Australia and the US, I learned to think 'out of the box' in order to survive. Thereafter I got a post-bachelor's degree in Integrative Nutrition in New York; the science that finds that consumption is a lifestyle choice and not just following a regimented diet. First, you analyze the psychological reasons behind your eating patterns, then you unlearn the unhealthy habits to hopefully refrain from falling into the old traps.

Do you recognize this pattern, want to change it, but do not know how ?? Please call me for a free intake discussion without any obligations ...

For years now I have studied and practised to find the ideal way to help others in living a healthy and long-lasting life..

In April 2015 I was invited as a guest speaker to  a Visalis seminar, producers of VI and meal essentials; products with a high added  value of nutritious  ingredients. My talk was pre-recorded as was for other speakers and I impress the fact of a healthy balance in life. (3m:15s)