Healthy Living: Stay Active One Step at a Time...

Janette Vooren

It's quite a thing to start an exercise or activity. But it is altogether different to turn it into a habit, so you stay active week in, week out. If you have problems, do not worry. You're not alone!... You'll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of tricks you can apply to put yourself on track and stay there. The secret lies in thorough planning and to convert it to an automatic activity, like walking the dog for example. Or running errands with a bike.

The great asset is that you immediately experience the benefits. You have more energy, you're less tired, your joints are more flexible, and your muscles become stronger. But some of the other advantages need more time however.

Your personal reasons to be or become active is very important. If you do it because someone else wants you to do it (your spouse, your kids, or maybe even your GP), trust me: it won't work in the long run. YOU yourself need to see the benefits and be convinced of its necessity!

Suppose that you have already launched a program to become more active, but just do not feel that you are making any progress. Then it is time to set goals! Together we are going to discuss what those goals are and what activities best suit you. What works for one person does not always have to be effective for another! You should see it as a fun thing you are looking forward to.  So, let's try together to overcome your worries and your grumblings piece by piece, step by step.

And work on it every day! Keep on trying even if you slip once! It may take months to turn it into a habit, so every day is a step in the right direction.

Would you also like to become more active, energetic and have a healthy appearance, then mail or call me to schedule a free initial consultation and without any obligation!

Don't give up; because everyday is a step in the right direction...